Chanel fashion show brings fashionistas, celebrities to a glamorous Havana

HAVANA (AP) -  Fashionistas and celebrities from around the world flocked beneath klieg lights on a grand Havana colonial avenue transformed into a private runway for French fashion house Chanel.

With hundreds of security agents holding ordinary Cubans behind police lines blocks away, actors Tilda Swinton and Vin Diesel, supermodel Gisele Bundchen and Cuban music stars Gente de Zona and Omara Portuondo watched slender models sashay down Prado boulevard Tuesday night in casual summer clothes seemingly inspired by the art deco elegance of pre-revolutionary Cuba.

With the heart of the Cuban capital briefly privatized by an international corporation under the watchful eye of the Cuban state, the premiere of Chanel's 2016/2017 "cruise" line offered a startling sight in a country officially dedicated to social equality and the rejection of material wealth.

Chanel welcomed the chance to show its creations in an unusual spot. "To explore new horizons is a way to fire imaginations and renew the vision of our brand while sharing the culture and heritage of the locations chosen for our fashion shows," it said in a statement.

The show was the most extreme manifestation to date of the hot new status Cuba has assumed in the international art and cultural scene since the December 2014 declaration of detente with the United States.

President Barack Obama visited in March, the Rolling Stones performed in Havana the same week, the first U.S. cruise in nearly four decades docked Monday and the latest installment of the multibillion-dollar "Fast and Furious" action.

movie franchise is filming here now.

Many Cubans say they are delighted their country is opening itself to the world, offering ordinary people a firsthand look at celebrities and extravagant productions.

But the rampant display of wealth on the streets of Havana is providing fodder for many already disenchanted by what they call Cuba's failure to deliver on promises of sustainable socialist equality.

Mabel Fernandez, a radio announcer, arrived four hours before the start of the show, eager to give her 14-year-old daughter a taste of a world of international fashion that the girl had only seen on television and in movies.

"We need this type of event, these new developments so people can learn more about culture," she said.

But as police swarmed the area in the hours before the show, virtually all residents of the capital were swept behind yellow barricades and unbroken lines of uniformed and plainclothes police at least a block away.

Reinaldo Fonseca, a local model, stood with a group of friends similarly trying to make their careers in fashion and watched as rich foreigners with invitations arrived at the event in specially rented antique American sedans.

"It's a shame they don't let us pass," he said.

The show ended with the models dancing down Prado to the drumming and singing of an Afro-Cuban band.

Afterward, attendees were taken to Havana's Cathedral Plaza, an 18th-century Baroque gem transformed into a beach-themed party backdrop by the erection of a giant tiki-style bar and dance floor over its colonial cobblestones.

Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld, 82, arrived in a blue-and-cream 1957 Ford Fairlane, picking his way gingerly toward the VIP section of the tiki hut as his gold-sequined jacket glinted in the lights of the dance floor.

Models gyrated to a brief private concert by French-Cuban duo Ibeyi as waitresses handed out hors d'oeuvres and cocktails to the gathered crowd.

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Is Zimmerman a danger to the community? Criminal defense attorney Jayne Weintraub weighs in – Early Start with John Berman & Christine Romans

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Police: Freddie Gray didn't get timely medical care after arrest

Story highlights Attorney for the family of Freddie Gray says developments are step forward but another issue is more important Family will have a forensic pathologist do an independent autopsyPolice say Gray should have received medical care at different points before he got to a police station Police Commissioner Anthony Batts told reporters there are no excuses for the fact that Gray was not buckled in as he was transported to a police station.

Five days after Gray's death and amid ongoing protests, police officials acknowledged mistakes were made during and after his arrest.

Gray, who was stopped April 12 after a foot pursuit through several housing complexes, should have received medical attention at the scene of his arrest, said Deputy Police Commissioner Kevin Davis. A witness said the man was yelling and indicated he was having difficulty breathing.

Batts told reporters in an afternoon news conference: "We know our police employees failed to get him medical attention in a timely manner multiple times."

Investigators are trying to learn personal injury claims lawyer about Gray's condition at each of the three stops the van made on its way to a police station.

At the first stop, Gray was placed in leg irons. The driver stopped a second time "to deal with Mr. Gray and the facts of that interaction are under investigation," Davis said. The van stopped one more time to add a second prisoner.

Batts told reporters that at the third stop an officer saw Gray on the floor of the van, asking for a medic. The officer and the van driver picked him up and put him on the seat, the commissioner said.

When the van arrived at the Western District station, police called for an ambulance, said Davis, who is in charge of the investigation.

An attorney for the Gray family said it was positive news, but there is a more important issue.

"It's certainly a step towards acknowledging the truth that the police did not follow their own internal regulations," Jason Downs told CNN's "Erin Burnett OutFront." "What it does not get at is, it does not get at the core of this case and that is why did Mr. To receive help from a Dallas car wreck lawyer, a Dallas medical malpractice attorney, a Dallas construction accident attorney, a Dallas product negligence claim lawyer, or any other type of personal injury in the Dallas / North Texas area, please contact us today by calling (214) 651-4288.Gray need medical attention in the first place? ... That's the question that still has not been answered."

The developments came two days after a police union attorney spoke of the possibility that the injuries occurred during a "rough ride," a frequently claimed practice in which police vehicles are deliberately driven in a way that injures suspects.

At least two suspects have won court cases against the city after being left paralyzed in such rides over the last decade or so, The Baltimore Sun reported Thursday.

Gray died Sunday, one week after Baltimore police arrested him.

At some point, he suffered a severe spinal cord injury. His family said his voice box was crushed and his neck snapped before he slipped into a coma and died.

Batts said he had been given preliminary results of an autopsy on Gray. The medical examiner's full autopsy may take another 30 to 45 days, Batts said, because toxicology tests still need to be examined and spinal experts may be brought in to assess Gray's injury.

Meanwhile, anger over the incident and the police response to it continued to grow ahead of a major rally that organizers vowed would "shut this city down on Saturday."

"The people are demanding immediate arrests, immediate end to the protracted investigation, and immediate end to the stonewalling," said Malik Shabazz, president of Black Lawyers for Justice.

But he and other officials vowed the protests would be peaceful -- much as they were Thursday night, despite a few scuffles and two detentions.

"No one has come to try and burn Baltimore down," another protest organizer, the Rev. Tim Sutton, told reporters.

'They demand answers and so do I'Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake thanked those protesters who have demonstrated peacefully.

"Our community is very clear. They demand answers and so do I," she said.

The mayor said that will take some time, but she had concerns about what happened to Gray.

"I still want to know why the policies and procedures for transport were not followed," Rawlings-Blake said. "I realize there is frustration over this investigation, but I want to be clear: there is a process, but we have to respect that process."

Batts addressed calls for his resignation after Gray's death by saying he would not step down.

'I heard him screaming' Police first encountered Gray as they patrolled an area known for crime and drug activity. When Gray saw them, authorities said, he started running.

Gray was arrested after police found what they said was a switchblade on him. An attorney for Gray's family has said the knife was a pocket knife of legal size.

One video of Gray's arrest shows officers dragging him to a police van, his legs dangling limply behind him.

"His leg look broke!" a bystander yells as a witness captures the arrest on a cell phone video.

That witness, who only wants to be identified as Kiona, said she knew Gray as a joker and a ladies' man. But that day, he said only one thing to her.

"When I ran up medical malpractice lawyer las vegas street and seen him, the first thing I asked him was he OK because I heard him screaming," Kiona said. "He didn't never say yes or no, he just said, 'I can't breathe,' and just was yelling."

Right to pursue, police attorney saysGray's family attorneys and protesters said police didn't have any probable cause to chase him but did so only because he was "running while black."

Police union attorney Michael Davey said officers had every right to give chase.

"There is a Supreme Court case that states that if you are in a high-crime area, and you flee from the police unprovoked, the police have the legal ability to pursue you, and that's what they did," he said.

"In this type of arizona personal injury attorney incident, you do not need probable cause to arrest. You just need a reasonable suspicion to make the stop."

Andrew O'Connell, an attorney for the Gray family, said "police have a lot of questions that need to be answered."

"What was the reasonable suspicion? Why were they arresting our client?" he said.

"He had no weapon in his hand. He was committing no crime, and he wasn't hurting anybody. The police had no reasonable suspicion to stop or arrest him," the attorney said.

The Gray family has not yet seen the preliminary autopsy report, attorney William Murphy said. Downs said the family has commissioned an independent autopsy.

While police say five of the six officers involved in the arrest have provided statements to investigators, the department has not released details of what the officers said or how Gray might have suffered the fatal injury. The sixth officer has invoked his right to refuse to answer questions, Batts said.

Baltimore protests: 5 questions demonstrators are asking

The Justice Department is investigating whether Gray's civil rights were violated during the arrest.

Rawlings-Blake said earlier she "absolutely" believes an outside investigation is needed, especially given the history of police misconduct.

A wake will be held Sunday for Gray, with a memorial service and funeral following on Monday.

CNN's Holly Yan, Carolyn Sung, Ashley Fantz, Kimberly Hutcherson, Eliott C. McLaughlin, Catherine E. Shoichet, Kevin Conlon and Dana Ford contributed to this report.


Lawyer Sues Over Attending Male Retreat

A California lawyer has sued his former employer for allegedly docking his pay after he refused to sign up for a weekend-long "New Warrior" personal-development seminar that included men disrobing and passing around a wooden phallus.

The Orange County Superior Court case seems like a routine labor dispute between a lawyer and his former firm, except for the salacious accusations involving a little-known, somewhat secretive nonprofit known as The ManKind Project, which seeks to "redefine mature masculinity for the 21st century," according to its penalties of drunk driving.

Plaintiff Steven Eggleston, a chiropractor-turned-negligence lawyer, accuses the Newport Beach, Calif., firm Bisnar/Chase and partners John Bisnar and Brian Chase of sexual harassment and failure to pay wages. Eggleston claims he was paid $15,000 a month until he refused to attend a secluded all-male weekend retreat last February in the mountains overlooking Santa Barbara.

Job laws for driving Career Issues: Tory Johnson Answers Workplace Questions

The lawsuit said Eggleston, after reading reports about the seminars, was "understandably concerned" over the possibility of sitting naked in a room with his supervising attorney, who "might decide to touch his penis, or that he might be required to disclose details about his sex life."Eggleston says in the complaint that after skipping the weekend retreat, which the first drunk driving law ManKind Project website describes as "a modern male initiation and self-examination," his compensation dwindled to nothing and his supervising boss, Bisnar, became so hostile that he had to quit.

According to the complaint, Bisnar told Eggleston that he couldn't require him to attend but repeatedly pressured him to attend. To receive help from a Dallas car wreck lawyer, a Dallas medical malpractice attorney, a Dallas construction accident attorney, a Dallas product negligence claim lawyer, or any other type of personal injury in the Dallas / North Texas area, please contact us today by calling (214) 651-4288.Chase, however, said Bisnar had only suggested it.

March 26, 1997: Mass Suicide in San Diego

Chase said there was no retaliation and called the complaint "a shakedown lawsuit by a disgruntled employee who failed miserably at his job." Eggleston was hired on a six-month contract, he said, and let go because of poor performance.Bisnar, who has attended and spoken at ManKind Project training sessions, routinely encourages the firm's 30 staff members to participate in personal and professional development seminars, according to Chase. Although Bisnar has encouraged him to attend, Chase said he has never participated in New Warrior training.

The personal-injury firm has is a dui distinct New Age feel, Chase said.

"We have yoga on Fridays," Chase said. "Bisnar will encourage people to go to professional seminars for trial lawyers or paralegals. He also encourages people to do personal development. He's passed out Deepak Chopra books. We've had tickets to Anthony Robbins' seminars. He encourages people to better themselves."


Local Houston Accident Attorney to Hold Free Call-In Legal Clinic for Texas Residents... -- HOUSTON, Aug. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

HOUSTON, Aug. 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --The personal injury law firm McDonald Worley Attorneys at Law will be conducting a free legal clinic in Houston for people to call and discuss legal matters involving motor vehicle accident collision and injury compensation matters. The clinic will be available between 5pm personal injury terms 8pm, starting in August and is available for Texas residents only.

Photo -

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No appointment is necessary, case information will be reviewed as they are received. To take part, please have the details of your incident ready and during the hours call: (800) 610-2001

If the lawyers are unavailable at the time of contact, a member of their legal team will collect the case details and schedule a follow-up with one of the attorneys after the details of the crash are reviewed to discuss.

Speaking after launching the service, lead trial attorney Donald S. Worley said, "We've long been a proud member of the Houston community, we are delighted to be able to give back to our people across the State of Texas involved in a serious accident."

People can visit here to las vegas pi lawyer non profit law firm:

People who share the problems with their insurance company or details of their collision incident are under no obligation to file a legal claim with the firm. To receive help from a Dallas car wreck lawyer, a Dallas medical malpractice attorney, a Dallas construction accident attorney, a Dallas product negligence claim lawyer, or any other type of personal injury in the Dallas / North Texas area, please contact us today by calling (214) 651-4288.However, due to time restraints only people who do not already have legal representation qualify to call in during clinic hours.

"If you were hurt in a minor fender bender, the insurance company is being unfair, or you suffered a serious injury in worker comp attorney accident, this service was created especially for you," stated Donald Worley when asked why the service was created.

After the initial case discussion, people who qualify and would like to work with the firm on their lawsuit claim options discussed can do so. Clients who qualify can be represented at no charge, and only pay if they win in court.

The clinic is not restricted by the type of accident: people involved in side swipe, were hit head-on, rear ended or involved in a pile-up can take advantage of the call-in legal clinic. Participants must have been injured and the accident must have occurred in Texas.


Newsweek magazine named attorneys with McDonald Worley among the top trial lawyers in the U.S. (11/12/2012). Find out what the best lawyers with this leading law firm can do to help with your claim today.

For wrecks involving 18-wheeler trucks, visit for more information:

SOURCE McDonald Worley

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